Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Verdict on Harem: A dream or a scream?

I, Charlotte Penketh, have actually dared to take on one of the catwalk trends this season that I have never tried before … harem trousers! It took me an hour alone just to figure out how to pronounce harem, so to save you the same amount of time I’ll tell you now it rhymes with scream or dream, hence the name of this post.

I actually saw these trousers ages ago on asos.com but at £30, I wasn’t quite persuaded. What did eventually win me over was when they hit the sale for just £15. Not only a bargain but also I was encouraged by the fact that no one else had been brave enough to try them. Well I’d show them! Step aside fashion fearers because here comes me, the new queen of the harem.

And do you know what – I actually mean that! I officially love my harem trousers. Now they don’t hang to my knees but they are nicely loose until mid thigh. With a plain vest top and high heels I think I’ve found the perfect pair of trousers for summer. They don’t cling to you, they don’t dig in your crotch and have war with your French knickers, they don’t even leave you with a builders bum when you sit down. They sit slightly higher on the hips than jeans do and they tie around the waist, which means there’s no hitching them up and they are actually really flattering. They even got the boyfriend seal of approval! Which means a lot. When I first tried high-waisted jeans, my boyfriend couldn’t stand them and said they made my bum look huge – so I sold them the week later.

So fear no more my fashion lovers, harem are dream. Think not of MC Hammer, think of a Ralph Lauren advert. Think not of Aladdin, think Jasmine – after all she was the prettiest Disney princess. Or at least I’ll be saying that until big yellow ball gowns and a beast for a boyfriend come into fashion ….


  1. I bought an olive coloured harem jumpsuit from H&M today! Debating whether to take it back though.. I want to see these trousers! Have you worn your maxi dress yet? xxx

  2. Yes!!!but only in the flat.I feel like a hippy but in a good way. I actually bought another one the other day and now fear I have a maxi dress addiction?!I want 2 c this jumpsuit!we need 2 meet up soon xxx