Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Spring/Summer 2009 - trend OVERLOAD!!!

So the chance to write my own fashion blog. Impressive for someone the fashion world would claim knew nothing. Well they need not worry yet - there’s no thinking I’m Carrie Bradshaw. I’m not exactly sitting in front of my window with my hair blowing and miraculously being able to afford living in a plush New York apartment, just from writing a weekly column, oh and not to forget my wardrobe spilling over with Jimmy and Monolos, I mean how much does the New York Star pay for goodness sake!

So lets talk fashion. This season I think we’re in the middle of a trend mix-up. I asked my friends the other day what they think we should be wearing Spring/Summer 2009. Their answers were a mixture of nautical, safari, 80’s revival, chunky necklaces and neon. Now I don’t know about you, but how many trends can one person be expected to wear in a few months?

I watched a programme with Fearne Cotton recently and she said something that inspired me. “You shouldn’t try to dress like someone else, you should dress how you want to dress.” Another saying I find helpful - “You wear the clothes, so don’t let the clothes wear you.”

So no I am not going to sit here and tell you what to wear and I think the fashion industry is starting to realise this as well. What we have this season is variety. If the khaki safari colours drain you out – don’t wear them. If chunky necklaces are a bit too bling for you – then stick to what you know best.

This season invest time in discovering what styles and shapes suit you. Believe me, Carrie might have been able to pull off the jumpsuit – but me, I’d look like an escaped convict.


  1. This is exciting! My trend-trial for the week is the crop top... I just need to find a suitable t-shirt to hack away at and hope the weather gets a bit better! And you are very right about spending time finding out what suits your shape! :) x

  2. crop top!?!?that is brave!!i tried one of them when i was about 10, it didnt work then and it wouldn't work now!!good luck, apparently its gna b hot 2moro??perfect time to trial! xxx