Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Say Gok now!?!

I can’t honestly be the only one who watched Gok’s Fashion Fix last night and thought he was talking absolute madness??

Now I’m not talking about his runway show because to be fair this weeks high street finds kicked designer clothes expensive little butt right off the catwalk. What I’m talking about is this over-hyped focus on a 24 piece capsule collection for your wardrobe – yes, let me say that again, 24 pieces of clothes – only!

I roughly figured out that it would mean you would wear the same outfit every three weeks, not to mention the fact that every night you went out you would have the choice of the same three evening outfits. I can’t even face wearing the same dress again if I know my friends have already seen it! Could you imagine, how boring those 24 pieces of clothing would soon become. Yawn! And as for photographs, it would go a bit like this, “Well here’s me in my smart blazer and red dress, oh and here’s me in my smart blazer and black dress, and here’s me, in the red dress again….” Do you see where I’m going with this? Madness!

What made me laugh most was ‘an outfit for shopping with your girlfriends’ well a fat load of fun that’s going to be! “Sorry I already have my 24piece capsule collection, I don’t need anything else.” Soon the outfit Gok planned for your lunch with the girls will be of no use because friends find other friends who WILL shop!

Buying clothes in the truckloads, yes that’s excessive. But not everyone needs to be limited to 24 pieces, how boring. No to mention the fact you’re putting the shops out of business by encouraging such behaviour. Believe me, I reckon I keep half the high street going with what I invest!

So Gok, I love my 100-piece wardrobe and I’m kind of thinking everyone else does too. So stop trying to impress us when all it does is send me into a nightmare with images of the same dresses and only three pairs of shoes and just one pair of jeans! I’m so traumatised in fact that tomorrow I’m going out to buy piece number 101 of my capsule wardrobe – and Gok there ain’t nothing you can do to stop me!

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  1. I'm just 4OD'ing it now..The thought of having only twenty four items actually sends me into a cold sweat! I think I take more than that for a weekend away. So boring! However if you are a complete fashion disaster like some of his makeovers maybe its best to stick to the basics! xxx