Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Make a Fashion Investment

Having reached my twenty-second year of life, I have finally begun to appreciate one major rule in fashion; invest in key pieces that will last a lifetime…or at least ten years anyway. Contrary to past posts, I’m starting to reconsider Gok’s theory of a capsule wardrobe…

Does anyone else notice how all of a sudden your wardrobe is filled with clothes you find excuses not to wear? I believe that women, who claim they have nothing to wear, which means most of them, are just like me. The reason you have nothing to wear is because what clothes you do have are those you bought on the spare of the moment, or because it was payday or just because you needed a carrier bag to hold. Fashion is so much more technical than people anticipate. Styling fashion is what people do as a full-time career, so what do we do when we don’t get paid to think out our wardrobes?

I have always been a Primark over Prada girl, mainly because of my financial situation. Surely rich people never have this problem, as their solution is to just buy something else. But guess what, my financial problems don’t allow for that either. The point I am getting to, is in Primark you pay for the quality you are getting which, lets face it, is low. In Prada, you pay high and you get a high amount of return wear.

Now Prada is only for those who can afford designer clothes but I think now is the time that we stop spending £100 on five skirts, two dresses and a belt from Primark and instead buy that amazingly detailed, high quality dress from Ted Baker. Face it, you know it will fit like glove and you’ll feel a millions dollars wearing it. You can pretty much bet that you won’t be seeing fifteen other people wearing on a night out.

Ted Baker falls in a category of middle brand shops, alongside the likes of Reiss, Jigsaw, Karen Millen, French Connection and sometimes, Warehouse. Yes the clothes aren’t cheap but they are high quality and you’ll get your value for money over the amount of times you wear them. When you buy something for over £100, chances are it isn’t going to be money easily parted with, so at least you will know if you really, really want something. In Primark it’s so easy to say ‘Oh it’s only £5, I’ll get it,’ and that everybody, is why you end up with wardrobes filled with things you won’t wear!!

So every time I’ve been shopping recently, I’ve really been thinking about what I want to buy. As you know, I bought my harem trousers recently and I’ve just bought a white vest top and statement necklace to team them with. I could have so easily bought both items for less that £10 from you know were, but I didn’t. I invested that little bit more and guess what, I’m sure I’ll be wearing them a lot longer.